It’s September… you’re back from your summer holidays and I’m imagining that some organisations are starting to think about their annual business planning and appraisal cycle. So how’s that going for you and your business…? If your answer is arghhhhhh – you are not alone! Studies suggest that:

  • 89% of Execs believe that the business planning process will not impact positively on performance at an individual/ business level
  • 55% of employees will say their appraisal was “ineffective” and had no impact on their engagement or performance.

If the average time spent on appraisals is circa 5-hrs pp (the meeting… the form filling… HR chasing the forms) and +50% of your leaders and employees get no/ little value from it, your appraisal process is costing your business – a lot!! In a 250-fte organisation this could add up to:

  • minimum of 625-hrs lost hours/ productivity
  • negative impact on employee morale and engagement
  • HR/L&D remain focussed on low impact ‘HR policing’ vs ‘value add’ HR consultancy and business partnering.

Would you sell a product or service to your clients that delivers that? If not, why are you doing that to your own business? And – what’s the alternative?

We are not advocating that you ditch your appraisal system tomorrow (… tempting but perhaps a tad hasty!). We are advocating that you do something different and stop doing appraisals eventually. We are advocating that you get clear on ‘the now’ and clear on ‘where you want to be’. We are advocating that you look at this systemically – aligning people, performance, processes and culture. There is no ‘one size fits all’ here… it will take time, but appraisals have had their time. The world of work is too dynamic to keep doing the same thing.

Our belief is that people/ individuals need to be supported to become accountable for their own performance. Performance development feedback at its best when it is delivered – in the moment, is relevant and focussed. And, to achieve this your people need to be able to ask for performance feedback throughout the year – not wait for it to be provided on a topic they are not interested in/ aware of at the annual appraisal meeting. This is where you achieve the alchemy of performance and development. This is where the work and opportunity really is.

Imagine what you could achieve with higher productivity and engagement with your people. Imagine the impact you could make for your clients…

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