They say that life is a rich tapestry, full of inspiration in even the smallest things. Take ‘cleaning’ for instance… not the most obvious place for reflecting on organisational culture, but stay with me, its only my first post!

My story begins on Saturday morning, rushing around sorting out kids, pets, the garden and then acknowledging that it was time for me to get on with “The Cleaning”. Cleaning frustrates me – it takes me away from doing other stuff I enjoy; it needs constant attention; and I never get an ounce of gratitude from the bathroom sink that I cleaned it so nicely. And then as I started to get on with the cleaning, I began to re-frame and think about what I was doing, and how it links into things I am interested in; I am passionate about and that I am committed to. For me, my passion, interest and commitment is about two things – People & Performance’ and I believe that great organisations pay equal attention to these key elements.

Which brings me back to cleaning and the bane of my bathroom – limescale!! I am going to go out on a limb here and liken limescale to culture – you don’t see it gradually building up, but boy when its been left for a while it really sticks!! The same is true of culture and organisational performance. Business and life is busy, and so addressing organisational culture & performance may seem like – it takes time away from people doing other stuffthey enjoy; it needs constant attention; it is ‘tough’; and it never gives anyone much thanks that they have paid attention to it. But it does need attention – it needs people to deal with the ‘tough stuff’; take account of ‘people’ and ‘performance’ and be clear on the return on investment that the organisation needs. 

I buy limescale remover because I view it as an investment into a better performing sink and I’m happier too (…its the small things in life!!). CPD Consultancy Group Ltd work with businesses to ‘deliver different performance‘ – attending to people and being really clear on the performance shift businesses want to achieve. If culture eats strategy for breakfast’ my closing question is – are you ready to get your rubber gloves on to do some cultural cleaning? 

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