The eternally unanswered question from Friends! I was talking to someone this week about my Dad who is still trying to figure out after +15 years – ‘so what do you do for a job Dawn’? And I don’t think my Dad is alone!

So it made me chuckle this week when I was with a client, and it felt really clear. The conversation started about some paperwork/ forms not getting filled in correctly between 2 different organisations and what could be done to solve that issue. This peaked my curiosity – so I started to ask questions. The clients then reached ‘oh yes, it must be communication then’. I then offered in some advocacy, and asked some more questions. And then it started to flow and they started to talk differently – ‘ahhh… it’s not the form is it. This is about confidence to act for our staff/ to challenge/ to create a different way of operating’.And so the conversation then continued around how we (OD practitioners and the client) shape the work over the coming months on the right stuff.

So when my Dad asks me again ‘what do I do’, I can say –

  • it’s about intervening (that conversation this week could have easily got stuck on forms)
  • it’s about working on the real causes.. not symptoms (doing work that really supports people)
  • it’s about working with resistance and having the courage of our convictions to encourage, push and pull people through – because we are doing this with the right intent
  • it’s about making sure every ££ invested on organisations/ systems is worthwhile – for the people, the customers and the business.

So there it is Dad – the beginning of my job description (there is more to it than this – but this is the basis for everything else that follows!). And I guess if I ever want a career change, I can go and be a ‘Transponster’ with Chandler. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone.