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We connect the dots between people and development, so you deliver world class performance

We are hands-on people and business change consultants

Our passion is connecting the dots between people and performance. 

Getting this balance right can be tough – change is complex and messy and doesn’t just ‘happen’. It takes time, energy as well as new skills and perspectives.

That’s where we can help.

We view your organisation through an independent lens – this means that we have a non-biased view and can draw on our wider experience to add real value.

What we do

We believe that everybody is worth investing in – that’s why we work with executive teams, front line delivery teams – and everything in-between!

For your organisation

Organisations are complex – so we offer a broad range of services to meet this reality. We support you to embed transformation in a sustainable way, enabling people to grasp the new direction of and make sure that your change programmes are making the right kind of impact.

For your team

We view your organisation through an independent lens – this means that we have a non-biased view and can draw on our wider experience to add real value to improve your team’s performance.

For you

We know that people who can influence, persuade, engage and inspire others are critical to great business! So we offer you the chance to ‘turn down the volume’ on your inner voice and give yourself permission to go and be brilliant!

Success Stories

Collaborative HR Service review & consultancy

“CPD Consultancy built up a great rapport with the wider HR senior leadership team across both organisations & created a safe environment to encourage critical thinking & honest conversations. My team instantly trusted CPD, and this was critical to success. The professional assessment and quality of the end report produced by the CPD Consultancy team enabled the force executives to agree to separate the collaborative service and build an in-force HR and L&D service”. 

Sarah Wilson - Head of HR, Humberside Police

Leadership development programme

“The sessions provided by CPD Consultancy have been critical in establishing a new way of developing our managers and allowing us to roll this out across the organisation. The sessions have been well received and staff have enjoyed working with the CPD facilitators.  We are starting to describe how we work, and our preferences which is really helpful to allow a common language across the organisation”.

Executive Director (Resources) , Local Government

System level organisational development consultancy

“CPD Consultancy is very responsive to client requests, and provide a rounded and robust team. Their work on our (system level) organisation development plan has allowed us to make informed decisions about what next and our future investment. Beautifully balanced mix of personal and professional across the relationships and the evaluation – so the complete OD cycle is covered off by their skills”.

Jane Mclean - Head of OD, LPFT and Lincolnshire STP OD lead

Let's Work Together!

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Our latest thoughts

Our latest thinking on people and performance - dive in!

Are you slowing down to speed up?

Are you slowing down to speed up?

What a week it has been for the UK this week. In Rio, our GB Diving team are winning gold medals by twisting & turning in almost the blink of an eye. The precision and technical skill demonstrated by 2 individuals in under 5 seconds has got me and my whole family fully on-board with the Olympics. […]

Cultural Cleaning

Cultural Cleaning

They say that life is a rich tapestry, full of inspiration in even the smallest things. Take ‘cleaning’ for instance… not the most obvious place for reflecting on organisational culture, but stay with me, its only my first post! My story begins on Saturday morning, rushing around sorting out kids, pets, the garden and then acknowledging that it was […]

RIP Appraisals – Do less, deliver more for your business!

RIP Appraisals – Do less, deliver more for your business!

It’s September… you’re back from your summer holidays and I’m imagining that some organisations are starting to think about their annual business planning and appraisal cycle. So how’s that going for you and your business…? If your answer is arghhhhhh – you are not alone! Studies suggest that: 89% of Execs believe that the business […]


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